Know yourself through Sound

If you’ve ever heard the sound of fingernails scratching a blackboard, you’ll know that you don’t just experience sound through your ears – it’s a whole-body encounter that may trigger a physical reaction (shudder), a thought (the time a teacher did that in class when you were a child), and an emotion (fear, anger, frustration etc).

All that, just from experiencing one simple sound.

This single example will confirm what you already, intuitively know – that sound initiates a ‘conversation’ with your whole system and can affect how you feel and what you think.

Like smell, a particular sound, whether it’s a piece of music or something more mundane like the clatter of rubbish bins, can immediately transport you back to a specific place and time, a particular feeling, memory and experience.

Your whole being is wired for receiving sound and importantly, your body is an extraordinary instrument for creating sound, through your voice.

Your voice is your very first instrument and is unique to you. It is imbued with all of who you are and is the means by which you can express yourself in the world. It is, if you like, the bridge between your inner and outer self.

As we are all made from energy at a fundamental level, using your voice in a therapeutic way can help to facilitate the free-flowing of energy within your system, allowing the system to balance itself.

You can actually use your voice as ‘vibration medicine’ to shift stuck energy, loosen some of your internal ‘cages’ and release stuff (patterns, beliefs, life-limiting scripts) that is keeping you stuck.

Your voice offers you another lens through which to know yourself. It provides a pathway to journey within, to connect with your inner voice and to align this with your physical voice.

We know that our voices are brilliant at expressing emotion, so what better way to release stuck emotion than through guided voice work. Much of this we already do intuitively – shouting out in pain; yelling with frustration; laughing until we cry; whooping to express joy.

So, it’s not a huge stretch to understand that your voice can soothe, calm and energise your whole system, using different sounds and techniques.

Yet, we often don’t think about sound or voice in this wide-ranging or holistic way. Nor do we factor in sound as a pathway for knowing more about ourselves, from the inside out.

Voice is one of the most profound ways I’ve found to connect in with and give voice to the person within. When the inner voice and outer voice are aligned, we can each be truly, authentically ourselves. This is where true freedom lies.

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