Cage-free Woman

There are many ‘cages’ that constrain us in our lives, however the majority of them are within us, manifesting as the self-limiting scripts that we have running. You know the ones – they usually start with something like, “I can’t”, “I should”, “I mustn’t”, “I’m no good at”, etc, etc.

These scripts are often so automatic that we aren’t even aware of them. And, like the well-worn grooves in a vinyl record, they can keep us stuck in an endless loop of limiting beliefs, patterns and behaviours that don’t serve us.

It’s so easy to be the harsh critic in our own lives – we expect so much more of ourselves than we do of just about everyone else, and then, when we inevitably cannot achieve these lofty heights, we beat ourselves up. Not fun at all!

The really good news is that you can use your voice in a therapeutic way to journey within and shift this stuck energy. Using sound in this way is like vibration medicine that can literally shake these cages up and loosen their grip on you.

Then you can experience the relief of being released from your holding patterns and can start to make space for new, positive and life-affirming scripts to take their place, like “I can”, “I have”, I am great at…” etc, etc.

This feels expansive, light and full of possibility. This is the place from which joy, self-belief, compassion and kindness arises. This is also the place from which we can allow ourselves to live life out loud.

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