Your Authentic Voice

What is your authentic voice? For me, this is the one that is aligned with and allows the expression of your inner voice, which you might know as your ‘gut feeling’ or ‘inner compass’.

You know when you are using your authentic voice because there is an ease, a sense of knowing that what you are giving voice to is absolutely and totally you.

In this space, there is no feeling of holding in or contorting what we say to fit in with others. We don’t second guess ourselves, don’t keep quiet to keep the peace and have no need to argue or cajole. What we say just is. This is really powerful.

This doesn’t mean that we are hurtful, blaming or necessarily strident. It does mean though that who we are is what we say, and vice versa.

When we give voice to our true natures, we are giving voice to the very rich and deep well of wisdom that combines all of our life experience, knowledge and intuitive knowing.

When we are in sync, inside and out, we can experience the joy and ease of being our whole selves, no matter what. This is where true freedom lies.

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